Moving Questions and Answers

Common Moving Questions and Answers


Why Hire a Moving Company?

A professional moving company has several advantages. First, there is an increased risk of damage when you are moving your belongings by yourself. Moving companies have the right equiment and knoweldge on how to move items without breaking them. Second, moving companies take the stress out of a move. It’s one less thing to worry about on moving day. Third, you save time. Moving companies can pack your items up, coordinate all the finer details of a move (like getting the truck, coordinating labor, and packing materials), as well as ensuring you are done by the time you need to be. Forth, moving companies are cost effective. When you add up the time, equiment rentals, gas, labor, packaging, and potential damage, you will come out ahead having the professionals do it. And last, movers are fast and efficient. They know the right way to move things! 

Who won the Quality Business Awards in 2022 in Allentown PA?

Lehigh Valley Movers and More did! They were awarded with the Quality Business Awards certificate in 2022. Call them today for a free quote and find out why!

Are all movers certified?

No. Not all movers are certified. Most moving companies carry insurance (but you should ask to confirm), but there’s no certifications required. However, Lehigh Valley Movers and More has won awards for being the best, and they also are Certified Piano Movers from the Piano Technician Academy. 

How much does it cost to get a moving company?

It all depends on how much you need to move, how far you need to move it, and how many laborers it will take. Most moving companies will provide you a quote, up front, so you know the cost before you sign the contract. Moving companies can charge in several different ways, with most providing you a quote that is ‘not to exceed’ a certain value. 

Do movers pack your stuff?

Yes, most moving companies have a pack and move option. However, if you prefer to pack on your own, that will be the cheaper route. Just remember, the cost of the moving boxes and materials could be more if you do it on your own. It’s always best to review your costs as well as the movers quote, so you know what really is the better option. 

How much does a local mover cost?

Local moving companies quotes will vary greatly depending on how much stuff you have to move, how many large items, and if you need it packed up before the movers can move it. Rough averages are anywhere between $500 and $4,000, but it’s hard to estimate without the moving company providing a quote. 

Do you tip movers?

Each moving company will have it’s own policy on this, but most movers accept tips. Normal tips are $5 per hour per mover, or 10% of the total moving cost. 

Are you supposed to help movers?

If you are paying by the hour, the faster the movers get done, the less you pay. You can help best by asking what you can do. Helping could be staging items by the doors, holding doors opened, or taking small and lightweight boxes to the moving truck. Just be sure to ask the movers what helps. Sometimes, you’ll just be in their way and slow them down. 

Do drawers need to be empty for movers?

Generally, no. Drawers do not need to be empty. However, it’s bets to tape the drawers down if you can, so they do not open during the move process. Most moving companies will secure drawers when they move your items.